New SnapCrap App Launch for SF Residents to Report Poo on Streets

San Francisco is trying to combat poop left on the streets in a very Silicon Valley way. 

The city is asking residents to report their feces findings with a newly launched app, very fittingly named SnapCrap!

What is this wonderfully named app for you may ask?

The idea is for users to take photos of the pile and send it along with the location right to the city's new "poop patrol," who will come out to steam clean the sidewalks. 

We've reported before that it's been a huge issue for San Francisco, whose services hotline receives almost 65 calls a day regarding human waste on the street. 

Now there's no word on if the iOS app will function the same as Snapchat, where the messages disappear after a set time...

Because who wants those photos sitting in their camera roll forever? 

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