Walter The Frenchie Has Something To Say

His instagram page describes him like this:

•w a l t e r•  Single child trying to survive with Bish.  Meltdown City @ the corner of Unstable & Emotionally Over-dramatic#hottestmess

Meet Walter Geoffrey The Frenchie, probably the most adorable, and most vocal Frenchie I have ever seen.   

Who is"Bish," you ask?

Well, first, if you don't know what "Bish" means, Urban Dictionary defines it like this:

"Short for bitch, but used in a playful sort of way. Not intended to be hurtful and often used between friends."  

So I'm assuming Walter is referring to his owner as "Bish," because as evidenced by his behavior, he's clearly annoyed with her but still loves her madly.

Follow his adorableness on Instagram @waltergeoffreythefrenchie 

In this first video, Walter is clearly upset that his promised day at the park was subsequently pulled out from under him, and he's in no mood for explanations. 

In this video, Walter is clearly having a meltdown in the bathroom because his life is just so hard. 

In this video, Walter is channeling his best Eva Perón.

This, is just some of the adorableness I spoke about earlier..but wait for it! 

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