Lancaster Deputy Comes To Elderly Woman's Aid

There is nothing worse than getting stranded in the middle of a desert road when it's hot because your car has a dead battery or your bike tire went flat.

But what if you're in a motorized wheelchair?

That's what happened to an elderly woman in Lancaster.

Lancaster Deputies Chapman and Montanez received a call about a traffic hazard on Tuesday afternoon. 

When they pulled up to the scene, they found the woman in a wheelchair in the middle of the road.  

Turns out the battery pack for her wheelchair went dead, and she was stranded. 

So, the deputies followed the LA County Sheriff's Department motto: "A Tradition of Service Since 1850," and they set out to serve this woman the best they could.

They told her they would take her home and went about getting her settled in their patrol car, but when they tried to fit the wheelchair in the trunk, it wouldn't fit, and the elderly woman didn't want to leave her only means of getting around behind.

So, Deputy Montanez said he would PUSH the wheelchair to her home, a MILE away!

Deputy Chapman caught the entire scene on video from the comfort of their patrol vehicle, following Deputy Montanez at approximately 1 mph.  You can hear him updating those watching on his partner's pace and the elderly woman got a kick out of the entire situation, but she really appreciated the extra mile these offers went to make sure she and her wheelchair got home safely. 

Thank you Deputy Montanez and Chapman for reminding all of us that it pays to go the 'extra mile' for someone in need!

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