Kids Figured Out How To Bypass Apple Parental Controls

Just a reminder.  Your kids are probably wittier than you.

I love it when kids make old people look like idiots.  Why?  Because it crushes that parental pride that comes along with assuming kids won't outsmart adult's attempts to restrict.

Mashable is reporting that children across the country are thinking outside the box and have developed a way to bypass Apple's "Screen Time."

For those not savvy, 'Screen Time' is an iOS app that displays how much time is spent on an iPhone or iPad's apps. the dashboard that shows how much and where iPhone users spend time on their phones and in different apps. 

And to get even scarier, Mashable also reports that some of the kids have even been programming on their devices to re-set all data at the end of each day to ensure their parents never pick up on the shenanigans.

Read more over at Mashable.

(Photos by Getty Images)

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