Huntington Beach Can Now Ignore California's 'Sanctuary State' Law

Back in April, Huntington Beach City Attorney Michael Gates filed a lawsuit claiming that Senate Bill 54 was unconstitutional, and impacted the work of local law enforcement. The bill originally aims to limit communications between local and federal immigration and law officials.

On Thursday, September 27, a Judge ruled that the city of Huntington Beach could immediately begin ignoring the 'sanctuary state' law. Orange County Superior Court Judge James Crandall also said that the case will be headed to higher courts in the future.

“The operation of a police department and its jail is a city affair,” Crandall said. “For the state to say one size fits all for policing isn’t going to fit everybody.”

Tune in to the John and Ken show TODAY at 4 p.m. to hear from City Attorney Michael Gates on the lawsuit and the new ruling.

Huntington Beach is a charter city, one of 121 others in the state of California. Charter cities are allowed more control over "municipal affairs."

Read the full story at the Orange County Register.

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