Carl DeMaio Releases New Initiative On Gas Tax Repeal For 2020 Ballot

Last year, Gov. Jerry Brown passed a transportation funding plan that would use up to $5.2 billion each year for road repairs, highway maintenance, and more public transit projects. And where do they think they're going to get all of that money? From taxpayers.

The plan is to increase the taxes on gasoline and diesel, and even make it harder and more expensive to get your car registered in California. But Republicans believe that taxpayers should not have to pay more in taxes, and are working on reversing the gas tax.

Carl DeMaio just introduced a new proposal for the 2020 ballot that he says will end the high-speed rail project, and make sure California is more accountable with our taxes, among other ideas.

Make sure you're listening to KFI TODAY at 2 p.m. to hear Carl DeMaio join John and Ken to explain his new initiative, and why YOU should vote YES on Prop 6.

Read the full story at ABC10 News.

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