Woman Pleads Guilty To Cutting Unborn Baby From Neighbors Womb

A woman in North Dakota testified on Tuesday in connection with the 2017 murder of her pregnant neighbor, Savanna Greywind.

Brooke Crews told police that her boyfriend, William Hoehn, was pressuring her to have a baby, saying she thought it was "an ultimatum." She says that pressure to "produce a baby" was the reason why she felt the need to cut her pregnant neighbors unborn baby from her womb. 

“I took that to mean I better have a baby, no matter how it happened,” Crews said.

She had also just previously been caught lying to her boyfriend about being pregnant.

Hoehn later admitted to the court that he helped cover up the murder, but denies knowing anything of her initial "plan" to murder their neighbor, Greywind. Crews and Hoehn both described their relationship as violent, and often fueled by drugs and alcohol.

Crews pleaded guilty to the murder in court on Tuesday, and she will be serving life in prison without parole.

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