New LASD PSA: "If They're Not Secure, They're Not Safe"

Another day, another PSA!

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is launching a new campaign aimed at preventing accidental gun deaths and keeping guns out of kid's hands.

In the campaign will be three different public service announcements that will be released through the various LASD social media accounts.

At the press conference announcing the initiative, Sheriff Jim McDonnell cited several studies that say more than 4 million children live in homes where there are unsecured weapons.

He also referred to a study from the CDC in 2016 that 3,000 children were found shot by accident  and 127 were killed.

"This is not only common sense, but keeping firearms locked up is the law. Their children may know where they store their gun, even if their parents don't believe they do.

It's something that they live with for the rest of their lives thinking, I could have done something different, I should have done something different, I didn't think they'd be able to reach it and those kinds of things. That's a  scar left on the survivor's that they can ever move away from."

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