Canadian Woman Loses Court Battle Over "Excessive" Snoring

Confused as to what exactly causes snoring? Check out the short video below.

A woman in Canada filed harassment complaints after she said her landlords told her to "seek help" for her snoring... And now, she has officially lost the case.

The woman wrote to Quebec's rental board asking for a rent reduction, due to her landlords "harassment" in trying to fix her snoring problems, beginning back in September 2016.

But her landlords claimed they had done nothing wrong. They said they received noise complaints from the other tenants in her unit, and that she had refused to seek help for her snoring. They said they even followed up with her at later dates, asking if she had planned on seeking medical help at anytime in the future.

"Breathing is normal, essential, and even indispensable," the landlord's formal notice stated. "But snoring is not normal and if it persists in an exaggerated way, it is necessary to seek a [medical] consultation."

The woman said that the constant attention from her landlords on the matter was to be considered harassment.

But the board eventually ruled that her snoring was "excessive," and that it was not seen as a "normal level" of noise in an apartment complex.

The court also said it was unfair for her nearby neighbors to have to suffer through her snoring, and that it was in the landlords rights to try and fix the situation.

Read the full story on BBC News.

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