Injured Turtle Gets Cool New Set Of Wheels, A Wheelchair Made Of LEGOs!

A Maryland Zoo employee found a injured turtle with a broken shell at a park. Today, that same turtle is using a wheelchair made of LEGOs to help him heal!

The wild eastern box turtle was found at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, and immediately taken to a veterinary hospital because of a broken shell. The zoo's veterinary team was able to stabilize the shell, but it also needed to be held together by plates and surgical wire.

In order to fully heal, the doctors also suggested the turtle's shell remained off the ground. And that's where the LEGOs came in...

“We tried a few other versions of a cart to keep him elevated off of the ground but they didn't allow him to move as freely and well,” Dr. Ellen Bronson, the zoo’s director of animal health, conservation and research said. “So we started to brainstorm other materials that would allow us to incorporate wheels so he could move around easier, and the idea of LEGOs came about.”

The team asked a "LEGO enthusiast" to create a custom wheelchair for the turtle. And let's just say it turned out PERFECT...

Not sure about you, but the Conway Crew could watch this little buddy walk around with his LEGO wheelchair alllll day long!

Not like we have a show to put together or anything... Sorry Timmy!...

The Maryland Zoo officials said the turtle is slowly getting used to his new wheels, and is expected to stay in the LEGO wheelchair until springtime.

Read the inspiring story on The Baltimore Sun.

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