#TerrorInTheSkies: SFO Air Canada Cause & Pickup Plows Through Airport

The NTSB is expected to determine the cause of an incident that occurred at San Francisco International Airport last year when an Air Canada flight nearly crashed into a taxiway full of other aircraft.

Air Canada flight 759 was inbound from Toronto and was set to land on runway 28R a bit after 11 p.m. in July 2017.  However, the pilot accidentally lined up for a taxiway that ran parallel with runway 28R.  The taxiway had four other planes lined up, waiting for clearance for departure.

Ultimately, the Air Canada pilot noticed something was wrong.

A portion of the communication with air traffic control has been transcribed below.

Air Canada pilot: Tower Air Canada 759 I can see lights on the runway there. Can you confirm we’re clear to land?

Control tower: Air Canada 759 confirmed cleared to land on 28-right. There is no one on 28-right but you.

Air Canada pilot: OK, Air Canada 759

Unknown: Where is this guy going? He’s on the taxiway!

Control tower: Air Canada, go around.

Air Canada pilot: Going around. Air Canada 759.

Control tower: Air Canada, it looks like you were lined up for Charlie there. Fly heading 280. Climb maintain 3,000.

Air Canada pilot: Heading 2-8-0. 3,000. Air Canada 759.

United pilot: United One, Air Canada flew directly over us.

Control tower: Yeah, I saw that guys.

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Police are searching for a Ford Super Duty truck in and around Weatherford, Oklahoma after one apparently went plowing through the Thomas P. Stafford Airport over the weekend.

Mark Schoonmaker manages the airport, and he says the driver went for quite a ride.

"Apparently, somebody at a high rate of speed crashed through a locked, chained gate, traveled all the way down to the taxi way. He missed this taxiway light, completely cleared it from down there, and you can see there by the prints his wheels were spinning when he hit the ground. I don't think he ever let out of it, he just kept going. I believe he was going toward a streetlight over there because he had lost all of his lights off his truck. We picked those up out here, so he didn't have any headlights."

Unfortunately for investigators, Schoonmaker says that it looks like the driver came back the next day and picked up evidence from the scene. 

"Somebody had come back and got two of the headlights of the truck and three of the unopened cans of beer."

The damage is estimated at $3,000.

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