Is Your Selfie Worth A $10,000 Rescue? L.A. Sheriff's Department Says No...

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says they are having to spend tons of time and money rescuing people who hurt themselves while trying to take selfies for social media.

Deputy Steve Douchette of the L.A. Search and Rescue Team said that each rescue costs about $10,000 minimum.

Minimum? DING-DONG!!!!

Let's just say your "look at me, I'm hiking!" selfie is definitely not worth $10,000...

“[People] go on up there and they do it and they realize ‘Wow, that water wasn’t quite as deep as I thought.’ Typically we get the broken leg, broken back, broken head and then they’re in a remote location,” Doucette said.

County search and rescue teams said they made a total of 681 rescue missions in 2017. According to officials, that's up almost 40% since 2013.

Deputy Douchette says social media is mostly to blame...

Read the full report at CBS Los Angeles, and don't put your life at risk for a silly Instagram post.

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