7-year-old Malea Emma crushes national anthem at LA Galaxy game

They are calling it one of the best national anthems in Stub Hub Centers history and it's all thanks to the vocals, personality and stage presence of this adorable 7 year-old.

Malea Emma delivered this mind-blowing rendition of the anthem with the confidence of a veteran; during the matchup between the LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders at StubHub Center

Uh...I was watching Speed Racer in my undies two feet from the television eating Honey Comb cereal when I was 7. Malea Emma making me look bad.

Even the Galaxy players were tweet'n and text'n about little @MaleaEmma. Usually it's the other way around. Zlatan Ibramhimovic' took this video below, captioning it 'MVP of the Game'!

So, I just read where Malea Emma has over 14,000 instagram followers, I don't even have 13,000 followers. Hey Malea Emma follow me on Insta @Conwayshow. Be my friend?

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