Gas Tax Could Cost Families Hundreds More a Year

Some new numbers have been released by the leaders pushing for the recall of the car and gas tax signed into effect last year. 

A new report by the California Policy Center says the tax and increased vehicle license fees will cost the average working family of four with two cars $650 to $800 more a year. 

"The numbers are truly frightening. Sacramento politicians like to talk about pennies, that this is only pennies, that’s a nice deceptive word, but they don’t really reflect the reality that pennies add up very quickly," YES on 6 campaign chairman Carl DeMaio said at a news conference in Point Loma.  

The gas tax puts a 12 cent increase on each gallon of gas and increases vehicle license fees in order to fund transportation and highway costs across the state.  

Carl DeMaio talked to us Friday with more on the report. Listen to DeMaio's weekly recall news update below.

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