Feinstein's Office Receiving Threats Against Staff

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office is receiving threats of "bodily and sexual harm" against staff following the controversy surrounding allegations against Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 

The threats, some even naming specific employees, rolled in because of Feinstein's involvement in the case. 

The White House said Kavanaugh and his wife have also received threats against them as well as Senator Susan Collins' office. 

“Since the allegations about sexual assault became public, we’ve been getting a significant number of calls and emails, mostly from other parts of the country, that have been disrespectful and ugly,” a spokesman for Feinstein said. “Calls have included threats of bodily and sexual harm against staff. Emails have come in with threats and highly offensive insults to specific staff members by name.”

Feinstein's involvement in the case goes back to July when she received a letter from accuser Christine Blasey Ford that detailed the alleged sexual assault by Kavanaugh in high school. 

Feinstein chose not to make the letter public because she made it her priority to keep Ford's identity confidential.

The letter was only released when it was leaked to the press. Ford revealed herself in an interview with the Washington Post where she detailed the allegations against Kavanaugh. 

Ford has also been subject to death threats and harassment and according to her lawyers, Ford was forced to relocate from her home with her family because of the amount of threats she has been receiving.

Photo: Getty Images

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