Troops Now Have Combat-Ready Pizza

The military has had a difference of opinions about M.R.E.'s for the longest time, but now their may be light at the end of the packaged meal tunnel.  

For those who aren't in the know, M.R.E. stands for Meal Ready to Eat and are designed to supply soldiers with a complete 1,200-calorie meal, including snacks, dessert and instant coffee.

You cook the food via a flameless ration heater activated by adding water to the pouch.

While all this sounds really cool, which it totally is, the food has been described as less than desirable. 

To make things a little better, the Army has now set to to make things better!

The answer they came up with! 

Food scientists got to work and were ultimately able to create a pepperoni pizza that can stay fresh for 36 months.  

It'll debut to soldiers later this year, but it is possible for civilians to try it out and some have offered their ratings:

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