OC Animal Care And This Sweet Little Pug Need Your Help!

(Photo: OC Animal Care)

This sweet little Pug needs our help!

The OC Animal Care released a statement yesterday, asking the community for donations in order to better help aid a dog in their care. The 18-month-old female Pug was found in Fullerton last Tuesday, abandoned in a box. This is your cue to grab tissues if you have them nearby.

The staff said the dog was left in that box with "devastating trauma leaving her with half of both hind legs," according to the press release.

They're currently investigating into who is to blame as well as why she was left abandoned last week. If you have any helpful information, you're asked to call OC Animal Care at (714) 796-6460.

But until then, they're asking for our help to get the sweet dog the care she so desperately deserves.

"OC Animal Care is committed to providing this precious Pug with every opportunity to live a long and happy life.  OC Animal Care staff have named her “Mila”, short for milagro, which means “miracle” in Spanish.

Please, donate to the OC Animal Care Medical Pets fund and help save Mila from her severe injuries.

She has a long road to recovery, but with the generosity of our community we have the opportunity to ensure Mila heals from her injuries both physically and emotionally and is given the chance to find the loving home she deserves."

Donate HERE through the Noble Friends Foundation for OC Animal Care.

100% of the donations will go straight to getting Mila the care she needs! Any extra funds will be saved for other animals that may need medical attention in the future.

OC Animal Care also said they will be sending out updates on her progress in the near future. Mila thanks you!

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