What To Do If You Come In Contact With A Mountain Lion

Do you know what to do if you ever see a mountain lion? It's common to see them from time-to-time on hiking trails, or even in some neighborhoods depending on where you live.

It's also important to make sure you know how to keep yourself safe, as well as your pets.

Below are a few tips courtesy of the Los Angeles Daily News, just in case you encounter a mountain lion anytime in the future:

We know they look cute sometimes... But stay calm and away from the mountain lion.

  • The last thing you want to do is interrupt a cat in the wild. We all know how cats can be... (Angry!) Especially if you see them eating, it's in your best interest to leave the cougars alone!

Get big!

  • Raise your arms and try to look as big and intimidating as you can. If you have kids around, try to pick them up. You could even throw rocks if you have to.

Travel in groups whenever possible.

  • If you're on a hike, or even just living in mountain lion country, try to stay in groups whenever you can. Don't be afraid to be loud and make noise! And always make sure your kids are close.

FYI - No matter what you do, it's a good idea not to turn your back and run away from the mountain lion. You might not win that race...

For the full story, check out the Los Angeles Daily News.

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