One Gluten-Free Bread, One Body

So, there's a chance that this post is simply a vehicle for us to share our favorite Catholic hymn with you...

Sorry, not sorry.

But, the story is actually pretty interesting.

Churches across the country are starting to offer gluten-free bread and crackers for those with celiac disease, intolerances, and sensitivities.

Now, you're asking the obvious question: How many people really need the gluten-free option?

The answer: Not very many.

Despite that, many churches explain that it is extremely easy for them to offer a gluten-free option, and if that's all it takes for people to feel welcome, then it is more than worth the small expense.

Traditionally, it can get a little tricky, though.

Many churches state that the bread or cracker must be wheat, which has gluten, and they are standing firm with that guideline.  However, many others maintain that the bread is symbolic, and that it doesn't matter if it is wheat or not.

Rev. Adam J. Shoemaker serves Holy Communion at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, one of the churches that offers gluten-free bread, and he believes likes that the church tries to cater to all.

“It compels us to consider every individual. Some may hear the numbers and say ’Gosh, it’s a small amount of people, why bother doing it.  I think it’s worth the small effort.”

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