Inside Edition Gets Robbed While Reporting On Robberies In San Fran

"It’s an issue all over the country," Inside Edition said about so-called "smash and grab" thieves. 

So the production crew and their Chief Investigative Correspondent, Lisa Guerrero, spent some time trying to set them up. But it didn't quite end how they had hoped or expected...

In San Francisco, car break-ins happen every 17 minutes. Once the Inside Edition crew arrived in San Francisco, they parked their "bait car" at the famous Alamo Square and set a $250 speaker, as well as a Michael Kors purse, visibly near the windows. Their team also put hidden cameras around the car, as well as GPS tracking devices inside of the bait items.

It didn't take long before the car window was smashed and the items inside were stolen. Guerrero and her team tracked down the thieves, but it didn't get truly interesting until later that day.

While Guerrero and the crew were inside a nearby house interviewing a local resident, their crew car (that was NOT meant to be bait,) was broken into as well!

This time, the thieves were able to smash the windows and take thousands of dollars' worth of Inside Edition production equipment. Police are now investigating that break-in.

"We actually got hit twice in one day," Guerrero said at the end of her report.

Read the crazy, ironic story on Inside Edition.

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