Metrolink Wants You To Be Careful So This Doesn't Happen To You

In the video above, posted two years ago by Metrolink, the Southern California rail system tries to urge the public not to walk near trains, due to the number of deaths associated with people on train tracks.

Well, the Metrolink officials are still trying to drive home that message. They met today in Fullerton to reinforce what they've been saying for years, and this time they even released footage of a man's very close call with a train.

Watch it below:

"Every three hours, a vehicle or a person is hit by a train in the United States. Vehicles at railroad crossings and pedestrians walking on tracks account for 95 percent of all rail-related deaths," Sarah Logan, Assistant State Coordinator with Operation Life Saver said. "And almost all of these are preventable."

Metrolink marked September Rail Safety Month, and officials spend this time reminding the public to be mindful around trains, so that they can avoid the scary moment the man in the video had to experience.

"You don't use the freeway as a shortcut," Elissa Konove, Metrolink Deputy CEO later said at the meeting. "You don't use the freeway to camp and you certainly don't sit on a freeway to take a glamour photo, so don't do it on railroad tracks."

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