Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Filed by Horse Against Former Owner

It sounds like a headline you'd likely find in The Onion... but it isn't. 

An Oregon judge tossed out a lawsuit filed by Justice -- a horse -- against his owner over allegations of animal neglect. 

The $100,000 lawsuit filed by the horse was flung out by Circuit Court Judge John Knowles on the basis of the horse being a "non-human animal." 

The ruling states:

"The court grants with prejudice defendant’s motion to dismiss based on a lack of standing for Justice the horse. The court finds that a non-human animal such as Justice lacks the legal status or qualifications necessary for the assertion of legal rights and duties in a court of law." 

The suit was filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund against Gwendolyn Vercher on the grounds that she was neglectful in caring for the horse, leaving him outside and not providing proper food or water. 

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