Arby's Is Offering People Free Sandwiches For Life, But There's A Catch...

(Photo: Arby's)

We all love sandwiches. But some people love sandwiches waaaay more than others...

So if you consider yourself a real hardcore sandwich lover, Arby's wants to see you in Long Beach this weekend.

This Saturday at Port City Tattoo, Arby's is hosting a themed, complimentary tattoo event where they're offering free "sandwiches for life". But don't get confused... They're not talking about free food for life. 

Just a beefy, cheesy Arby's sandwich tattooed on your body, for the rest of your life!

(Or an eagle with a body made of curly fries if that's more your style...)

"A love of sandwiches takes on many forms," their website states. "Only one of them involves a panther with a Loaded Italian in its mouth being permanently inked onto your body."

The custom tattoos were designed by Miguel Montgomery, and the restaurant is hoping you like their sandwiches, (and tattoos) enough to get one for the rest of your life.

Be sure to let the @ConwayShow know if you get an Arby's tattoo this weekend, as well as when you plan on saving up for a tattoo removal appointment.

Get all the beefy details on their website!

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