Man Accused of Tricking Caregivers into Changing His Diaper, Bathing Him

(Paul Anthony Menchaca: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

Paul Anthony Menchaca, 30, of Gilbert, Arizona is facing felony fraud sex abuse charges after he duped caregivers into assisting him with bathing and changing his diaper after claiming he had a genetic condition and required special care. 

Menchaca was arrested at his parents' home one week ago. He claimed to have Down syndrome and tricked three different female caregivers, who were hired from an ad on, into providing the intimate services where they communicated with and received payment from Menchaca's mother "Amy" via text. It was later revealed "Amy's" number actually belonged to Menchaca. 

According to court documents, one caregiver recalled five “… separate incidents when [Menchaca] aggressively said his genitals were not cleaned enough" and that "Amy" reportedly texted the caregivers asking to "punish [Menchaca] when he soiled his diaper by putting him in timeout and taking away his privileges."

Menchaca admitted to lying to the caregivers about his mental condition when they finally confronted him, according to police. 

Now, the Chandler Unified School District has confirmed that Menchaca used to work for the district for the last two years in support staff positions.  

Nathan Fairchild, Bogle Junior High principal, released this statement:

I’m writing to inform you that Paul Menchaca, a former aide in Ms. DeMann's classroom at Bogle, was arrested last Thursday evening at his home in Gilbert. His arrest was not related to his work with children at Bogle Junior High or any other CUSD school.  He resigned the week previous and is no longer employed by the school district.  Though his arrest did not involve any of our students, we had previously notified the parents of the classroom where he had worked as an aide and wanted you to be aware as well.

In his first court appearance Menchaca told the judge, “I just want to let you know I am special needs...I do have a low IQ level. And … my mom and dad both have paperwork to prove that. And I’m starting to talk to my dad about getting me some help and getting me into a counselor and probably like a rehab center to talk to somebody.”

Menchaca, who has no criminal history, is due back in court for his preliminary hearing today.

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