Camel Ride Turns Dangerous At The Shrine Circus In Pittsburgh

An adult and two kids were riding a camel when it got spooked and started bucking during a circus intermission on Sunday.

It was a little after 3 p.m. at the Shrine Circus in Pittsburgh when authorities said another child threw a shovel at the feet of the camel, causing it to become frightened.

Caught on video by another circus-goer, the camel is seen bucking the riders for about 11 seconds and injuring others in its path.

"Ladies and gentlemen, remain calm, please," you can hear an announcer in the video say...

"Please remain calm. No unnecessary movement. Slowly leave the arena floor if you feel safer. We are looking for a medic, an EMT."

Authorities said one of the children riding the camel suffered a broken arm, but all other injuries seemed to be minor at the time.

"Sixty-nine years without incident and, unfortunately, this is the first one," Paul Leavy, chairman of the Shrine Circus told WPXI News. "We're ready to handle things like this. We're insured. We'll get back together and see what we'll do for next year."

But PETA hopes they won't, citing this incident as another reason to "never buy a ticket to any circus that uses animals."

Authorities said the circus was able to continue after the camel was brought under control, also adding that the animal was not injured during the incident.

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