#MugshotOfTheDay: Man Fakes Down Syndrome For Diaper Changes & Baths

Paul Menchaca - Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

(Paul Menchaca - Photo Courtesy of Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

Uhhh, yea, well, hmmm, there really isn't an easy way to tiptoe into this one, so I'll just say it.

Paul Menchaca faked having Down syndrome in order to trick female caregivers into changing his diaper and bathing him.


On top of that, he would sometimes "aggressively" complain that his genitals were not clean enough, leading the caregivers to spend more time wiping and washing the area. 

Again, what. 

A caregiver said that Menchaca "had an erection every time his diaper was changed and when he was bathed."

The 30-year-old Arizona man pulled off the stunt by pretending to be his mother, "Amy," while texting the caregivers, during which he requested these diaper changes and baths.

Menchaca was able to pull it off until a caregiver followed him one day, where she talked to his actual parents who explained that Menchaca “did not have Down syndrome and did not require diaper changes.”

This just leads me to one question...

Is getting your genitals hand-washed really ever worth wearing a diaper and sitting in your own filth? 

The answer is clearly always "No!"

Read the full story at The Smoking Gun

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