Beverly Hills Police Employees Sue Over Racist Video Made by Other Officers

Multiple lawsuits have been filed against two Beverly Hills police officers who created a racially charged video.

The officers, Charles Yang and Stanley Shen made the video in 2015 and uploaded it to YouTube.

The video is a series of sketches based on negative stereotypes of blacks and Asians.

They are seen asking one black woman if she's ever dated an Asian man with references to genitals and in a different scene, they ask another black woman "You like the chow mein or the flied lice?"

As KTLA reports:

Seven police employees have filed separate lawsuits against the city alleging discrimination, harassment and retaliation by Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli, said Woodland Hills attorney Brad Gage, who is representing them.

Although the department has since ordered the officers to remove the video from YouTube, the footage has been openly passed around the agency, according to Gage.

The video was made before Spagnoli assumed the role of police chief. But a sergeant with the department allegedly continued sharing it, and the lawsuit claims Spagnoli failed to take corrective action as chief.

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