Mrs. Cunningham From 'Happy Days' On The Conway Show TONIGHT!

Marion Ross joined us live on the show TONIGHT at 8 to talk about her new book and her stellar career in Hollywood.  Listen in the KFI player below! 

We all know and love Mrs. Cunningham!

For over a decade, Marion Ross was the iconic TV mom that was always making us laugh on Happy Days. Since then, she's also worked on The Drew Carey Show, That 70's Show, Gilmore Girls and many more.

But there's so much more to the lovable, strong, Emmy-winning woman behind the Happy Days mom...

Thankfully for us, we have the chance to go behind the scenes and read all about it in her new autobiography, My Days: Happy and Otherwise

"In this warm and candid memoir, filled with loving recollections from the award-winning Happy Days team... From break-out star Henry Winkler, to Cunningham “wild child” Erin Moran. Ross shares what it was like to be a starry-eyed young girl with dreams in poor, rural Minnesota, and the resilience, sacrifices, and determination it took to make them come true. 

She recalls her early years in the business, being in the company of such luminaries as Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Noel Coward, yet always feeling the Hollywood outsider - a painful invisibility that mirrored her own childhood. She reveals the absolute joys of playing a wife and mother on TV, and the struggles of maintaining those roles in real life."

You can buy the book on Amazon here! 

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