How To Help Those In The Path Of Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence makes its way towards the Carolinas, people are bracing for severe storms, flooding, and very heavy winds.

The storm is expected to make landfall Friday morning, and forecasters are saying it could be one of the strongest to hit the Carolinas in years.

While it's a scary reality for those in the storms path, it's hard to know exactly how to help for those of us that are so far away... So we've put together a list of national and local organizations that would be more than happy to have your help:

  • The American Red Cross
    • This national organization helps mobilize disaster workers in order to help aid residents in areas affected by the storm. Your donation enables the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to, and even help people recover after Hurricane Florence.

  • Americares
    • This disaster relief organization is health-focused, and for every $10 you donate, they provide $100 in aid to local residents. Americares donates emergency medicine, supplies, and other humanitarian aids to thousands in the path of the storm.

  • North Carolina Community Foundation
    • This local humanitarian organization works with charities in North Carolina to support their communities affected by disasters. Their charity work is highly-rated, and their relief efforts work on the ground in local neighborhoods.

  • GlobalGiving 
    • GlobalGiving is a crowd-funding organization that supports grassroots charity projects. This nonprofit has launched a relief fund specifically for Hurricane Florence, and they work hard to implement longer-term recovery projects for local residents.

Read more about the storm and how to help on ABC7.

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