Don't Start Your Diet Yet! A Cheetos Pop-Up Restaurant Is Coming To L.A.

Photo: Getty Images.

"Welcome to the hottest restaurant in L.A." the website reads...

Starting on September 18, Kogi BBQ chef Roy Choi and Cheetos will be teaming up to open a pop-up restaurant...

Wait for it...

With all meals...


(Is this what dreams are actually made of?)

"I mean, why play with fire when you can eat it? Am I right?"

Anyway, I called my friend, (celebrity chef and L.A.local) Roy Choi, to help me cook up a menu that brings the heat. That’s right— every single dish reflects your true love for all that is flamin’ and all that is hot.

It’s about to get real (flamin’) hot, my friend.

Unfortunately, all of the reservations for the restaurant seem to be taken. But don't give up just yet... there is a wait list!

The restaurant will be open from Tuesday, Sept. 18 through Thursday, Sept. 20 at 1835 N. Cahuenga Blvd.

Read the full list of menu items on Cheetos Flamin' Hot Spot website.

(Warning: If you're not hungry now, you definitely will be after you click that link...)

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