ABC Joins Air Force Hurricane Hunters, Fly Into Florence

You know, there are some real perks to being in the news biz.  You often times find yourself where few human beings ever have.  You know, like purposefully flying at an extremely high speed into the middle of the eye of a hurricane!

Well our friends over at ABC had this very same opportunity with the oncoming onslaught we know as Hurricane Florence off the Carolina coast.

Take a look at the stunning video below!

The leading edge of Hurricane Florence is hitting the Carolina coast at this hour, ahead of its expected landfall in the next 32-to-46 hours.

The National Hurricane Center says along with winds over 100 miles an hour, and storm surge as high as 15 feet, as much as 2 to 3 feet of rain could fall.

At the same time, FEMA is warning people in Florence's path to not "let your guard down" as "time is running out" for people to evacuate. 

FEMA Administrator Brock Long is warning that parts of the Carolinas could see days of rain, record flooding, and widespread power outages.

Get the full scoop over at ABC News.

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