30-Pound Comfort Cat, Beloved "Meatloaf" Has Died

It seems like just yesterday that NBC affiliate KWQC was reporting the story about Meatloaf, the conspicuously hefty cat who showed up at the doors of King's Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter in Davenport, Ohio.  

Doing their duty, the shelter put sweet Meatloaf up for adoption, even posting pictures from his (purportedly) first photo spread on Facebook for everyone to see!

Meatloaf the Cat:  He definitely took "work the camera" to a whole different level.  

Shortly after the news coverage had made its way across the Midwest, Meatloaf was quickly adopted as a comfort cat by Steve Gusman - a US Iraq War veteran and sufferer of PTSD.  Under the auspices of the shelter, Gusman took the 30-pound feline home in what he hoped and thought would be a new life for both of them.

That was in late August 2018.  It's now September 13, 2018, some two weeks later, and Meatloaf is dead.

"They were going to heal each other," says Rochelle Dougall, assistant director of the King's Harvest pet shelter about Gusman and his wife's adoption of Meatloaf:

"We're grateful they took him in and gave him a loving home, even in his last few weeks.  I know it took a long time for him to even be ready to adopt a cat after his last cat."

-Rochelle Dougall

The official cause of death has been cited as liver failure.

RIP MEATLOAF (the cat) 


Read more over at the Daily Mail.

Photos by the King's Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter.

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