LA Graffiti Artist Tells Us All: Go F*#$ UR Selfie

Melrose Ave. is known for many things.

The avenue is one of the hippest stretches of road in Los Angeles, thanks to its collection of hotsy-totsy boutiques and bougie restaurants.  

For those of you who haven't been able to swing by the famous street in the past decade, you might not know that it's also become one of the trendiest places....for selfies.

Now it's not so much the LA-regal-vibe that Melrose gives off that's driving millennials (and others)-o-plenty to snap the perfect self-photo, but the admittedly stunning collection of wall-sized murals.

The murals are painted by various artists, but thanks to the quality of the imagery, the street is now by all intents and purposes the Mecca of 'Murican Murals.  Everyone and their mothers are welcome to take a selfie in front of the dozens upon dozens of wall-decked artwork.

Most of the time, anyway: one of the recent murals is restricting selfies only to individuals who have had 20,000 or more followers on Instagram.

Maybe it's things like this that drive people like graffiti artist "Thrash" to turn this:

Into this:

Not exactly "family friendly," but it'll sure give a selfie to be remembered.

Read more over at the LA Times.

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