Gov.Jerry Brown Enlists Liberal Friends at Summit to Rescue Paris Agreement

Gov. Jerry Brown is headed to the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco and has enlisted some help along the way to save the fading Paris agreement. 

The three day event will bring leaders and people together from around the world to “Take Ambition to the Next Level" and celebrate climate action achievements. 

According to the Washington Times, the event, hosted by Brown, will feature top Democrats, liberal megadonors, Obama administration figures, international leaders, Hollywood celebrities, and Al Gore. 

“We’re running out of time,” Gov. Brown said. “There’s been some backsliding since Paris, and our Summit … aims to increase the commitments that have already been made in Paris, to make them even greater, and thereby build the momentum going into the [UN] conference of the parties at Poland.”

 The Trump administration's decision to pull out of the Paris agreement in 2017 is sure to be talked about amongst the 4,500 attendees who do not favor the idea. 

“Yes, I know President Trump is trying to get out of the Paris agreement, but he doesn’t speak for the rest of America,” Brown said in preparation for the summit. 

The agreements ultimate goal was aimed at limiting the increase in global temperatures, dealing with greenhouse-gas-emissions mitigation, adaptation, and finance

There is opposition to the summit by many who feel it is just a show put together by "entertainers."

James Taylor, senior fellow at the free-market Heartland Institute, plans to livestream their own counter-summit from the Independent Institute in Oakland. “You look at the speakers—this merely highlights the fact that support for the Paris climate agreement is a leftist political cause and little more,” he said.  

“You have Van Jones, Al Gore, Tom Steyer, Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi—how are they going to make the case that there’s a consensus opinion to support Paris and restrictions on carbon dioxide when the only people they can pull together are leftist policy makers, leftist entertainers and leftist activists?” Taylor added.

Overall global emissions have increased 40 percent since 2000 while U.S. emissions fell by 14 percent, and according to Taylor, “Nations like to sign onto these platitudes and clap each other on the back and say that they’re saving the planet, but in reality these agreements mean nothing."

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