L.A. Woman Has Family Of 8 Baby Werewolves

Ummmmm yeaaaaaaaa...

So, I guess you've met Yvette Solomon now.

She lives here, in Los Angeles, and, well, she has eight baby werewolves.  

The dolls have all been made by special effects artist Asia Eriksen using Solomon's own or her husband's hair and real animal teeth.  

Solomon calls them WerePups.

She considers the WerePups her babies and part of her family.  

Yea, sidebar.  I gotta say, the more stories I read, the more I understand the negative stereotype that the world puts on Hollywood...

Anyways, on top of the $1,000 price tag for each doll, Solomon has also spent thousands of dollars on their clothes and accessories.

Each WerePup has a name and a very unique style and outfit.  One is dressed like a Queen's Guard, one wears a tutu, one looks like a skeleton, two have pentagon tattoos on their paws, and one is a were-hyena.

Oh, yea! One of them is also trans.  Apparently, he identifies as a gorilla.

Yep.  So there's that...

Now, Solomon did fall in love with WerePups when she was going through chemo, so there is a clear emotional tie that we can't judge or understand, but it's still a little weird. 

Some people do find the WerePups to be just as endearing as Solomon.

But, the vast majority are not huge fans.

And, luckily, one person helped us figure out the likeness that we were all trying to figure out.

Read the full story at Daily Mail

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