Video Shows Moment When LAPD Officer is Shot by Gang Member in North Hills

The Los Angeles Police Department released shocking video of a documented gang member shooting a female officer during a traffic stop in North Hills last July. 

In video posted to the LAPD's YouTube page, officers can be seen approaching the known gang member's vehicle after they pulled him over for a traffic stop this summer in North Hills. The July 27 incident left one officer wounded and the 32-year-old suspect dead in the 9400 block of Noble Avenue. 

Police pulled over Richard "Biz" Mendoza around 10:15 p.m. that night for an investigative stop after one of the officers recognized the driver from a previous encounter. 

After asking Mendoza to shut off the car, the officer asks if he's finished with probation yet, to which the man says he still has nine months left. When the officer asks Mendoza to get out of the car, he draws a gun on the officer, firing once, wounding one in the leg, and turning to shoot at her partner who was standing on the passenger's side of the car. 

However, the officer's partner is too quick, and fires back, killing Mendoza. 

In the video the officer who is shot can be heard screaming in pain, tells her partner that she was hit in the leg as he radios in the call of shots fired and that they need an ambulance. The wounded officer tells her partner to take care of Mendoza. 

"You're going to be OK," her partner tells her. "I got you. I got you." 

The uninjured officer steps closer to the suspected gang member and cuffs the bleeding suspect. 

Mendoza was taken to a hospital where he was treated for gunshot wounds to the head and torso. He did not survive, police said. 

The officer who suffered a gunshot wound was also taken to the hospital where she was treated. 

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