President Trump Gets PLAID By Student During Speech

One of the, just oh-so-special things about live broadcasts is possibility that something can go wrong, am I right?

Well, looks like it just happened again at a presidential rally up in Billings, Montana, and event organizers may want to think twice about just who they let into the camera frame behind the commander-in-chief from now on.

Meet #PlaidShirtGuy, a.k.a. the pseudonym "Resistance Jim Halpert," a.k.a. the real name Tyler Linfesty.

And his plaid shirt moniker is hashtagged, because it has indeed, already been hastagged and tweeted 18,500 times as of this writing.

Now back to Linfesty.  Linfesty's a guy.  He's a 17-year-old high school senior.  He wears plaid shirts.  And he is now going viral.  

But not for any of the said offenses.  No, it's because of how he reacted on live television to President Trump's vision of how things are currently going in this great country of ours.

See the clip for yourself.  Between the combination of "Halpert's" smirks, double takes, and eyebrow-raisin', I have a sneaking suspicion that he may not have actually been the biggest Trump fan, nor the best to choose to stand behind America's CEO.

So how did it happen?  

The student and friends say they were selected and random by Trump aides, were given red "Make America Great Again" hats, and instructed to stand behind him and respond enthusiastically.

Well, at least Linfesty nailed the enthusiastic part.

Read more over at the Billings Gazette.

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