#MugshotOfTheDay: Woman Rips Out Man's Colostomy Bag Over Exorcism Money

(Bertha Ocejo - Courtesy of Tulare County Sheriff)

Let's just read that headline one more time, together...

"Woman Rips Out Man's Colostomy Bag Over Exorcism Money"

Those nine words, in themselves, raise so many questions that I already don't know where to start, but I actually had to cut things out of the headline just to make it fit on the website.  

And, as great as it already is, it just doesn't do the situation justice.

Let's start with the guy that Bertha attacked.  Yea, it doesn't look like she knew him.

Then there's the assault.  Not only did she rip out his colostomy bag, but she also hit the man with an iron and smashed windows at the man's house.

And finally, we arrive at the money.  Bertha said she needed $5,000.  For an exorcism.  That was supposed to happen in Mexico.  Yep.

So, you see why that headline just doesn't fully capture the situation.  But the proper headline just wouldn't fit on the page...

"Woman Rips Out Man's Colostomy Bag, Assaults Him With Iron, & Smashes His Windows Over Disagreement For Money To Be Used For Exorcism In Mexico"

Read the full story at ABC7 Chicago

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