The WORST Robber Of All Time

We're pretty sure that this guy is the WORST robber of all time.

It happened in Aurora, Colorado.

Apparently, Mr. Robber decided he was going to bring his thieving ways into a local store.  So he got himself dressed, grabbed his gun (turned out later that it was an airsoft gun) and made his way to the local e-cigarette store. 

Mr. Robber walks in the door, makes his way to the counter, pulls out ....and promptly DROPS his gun behind the counter. 

Now, Mr. Robber tries to make his way over the counter and get the gun but the clerk got to it first so Mr. Robber turns around to hightail it out of the store and right when he hits the door, his pants start to fall down and he almost trips over himself as he jumps out of the door. 

You can see it all on surveillance video below.

After taking a moment to laugh at his ineptitude, police say they're on the case and hope to make an arrest soon. 

Since we laughed so hard at this video, we decided to search 'Robbery Fails' on YouTube and we found this.

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