Ex- New York City Ballet Dancers Joked About Abusing Ballerinas

There is hot drama brewing in the ballerina world. 

A former student at the New York City Ballet has filed a claim in a Manhattan Supreme Court against the company and her ex-boyfriend, also a former student, after discovering he allegedly secretly photographed and video-recorded their sexual encounters, then shared the images and videos with other male dancers, employees, donors and even a pimp. 

The ex-boyfriend and former male principal dancer, Chase Finlay, is also being accused of exchanging explicit text messages with a donor who suggested tying up ballerinas.

According to court papers, an unnamed donor allegedly texted Finlay, “we should get like half a kilo and pour it over the ABT girls and just violate them,” also saying, “I bet we could tie some of them up and abuse them like farm animals.” Finlay responded with, “or like the sluts they are.”

An announcement was made less than a week ago that three male principals, including Finlay, would not be performing in the upcoming season at the New York City Ballet because of unspecified "innapropriate communications." The suit followed shortly after. 

Finlay and the ballet company have not responded to the allegations. 

Photo: Getty Images

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