Oxnard Police Officer Has Mad Skateboarding Skills

What DOES a cop do in between calls?

Ride around and patrol their cities, perhaps chat with the locals, or maybe grab a donut?

Well, Officer Hames and his partner, Officer Fessler were between calls over the weekend, when they happened upon some kids skateboarding.

When they stopped to chat, the kids thought maybe they were in trouble.

Nope! Turns out he just wanted to show the kids his mad skateboarding skills skills! 

According to a Facebook post from the Oxnard Police Department

"Officer Hames was formerly an amateur skateboarder for about ten years, with wins at skateboard contests throughout California, including the California Skate Championships for his age group. 

With over 20 sponsors, Officer Hames was on the verge of going pro...but we are glad he ended up with the OPD Family!"

Thank you Officer Hames for proving to kids that adults can still be cool!

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