LAPD Releases New Police Video of Silver Lake Trader Joe's Hostage Crisis

New video of the dramatic shootout at a Trader Joe's in Silver Lake July 21 has been released by the Los Angeles Police Department. The footage includes new details about the incident, with audio and radio traffic that expand on the events of that day. 

The incident began after Atkins allegedly shot his grandmother and girlfriend, then stole a car, ultimately leading police on a pursuit before crashing into a light pole at the Trader Joe's parking lot. Police say they were able to track Atkins down by using the stolen vehicle's LoJack Vehicle Recovery System. 

In footage posted to the LAPD's YouTube page, the suspect can be seen allegedly firing at officers through the rear window of the stolen Toyota Camry. Shots can be seen breaking through the windshield as the officers report shots fired and requested backup. 

The pursuit ends when Atkins crashes in the parking lot of the Trader Joe's in Silver Lake. The suspect can then be seen getting out of the car while firing his gun at police as they return fire. One bullet fired by officers hits Atkins in the arm, while a second strikes store manager Melyda Corado, 27, killing her.

Atkins then runs into the store while firing back at officers and allegedly takes several hostages inside. 

Officers were able to rescue Atkins' passenger and taken to a hospital for treatment for a gunshot wound to the head. Some of the hostages took Corado out of the Trader Joe's to an ambulance where she passed, police said. 

Eventually, Atkins surrenders to police after asking for a pair of handcuffs to be thrown into the supermarket. Police did, and he surrenders to police at 6:30 p.m., about three hours after the incident first began. 

Atkins is now facing several charges, including murder for the killing of Corado, attempted murder, kidnapping and false imprisonment. 

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