Dinosaur Robots Welcome You At Tokyo Hotel

Tokyo is known for its technology, love of robots and all things 'weird'.

Well, the Henn na Hotel there is no exception.  Their name literally means 'weird'.

The hotel is staffed by robots, but not just any robots.  These robots offer guests an unusual check-in experience.  So when you show up and go to the front desk, motion sensors trigger...dinosaur robots!  In bellhop hats!

It's kind of adorable but scary at the same time!

iPads at the front desk will assist with check-in and if you're really not into the dinosaur robot thing, you can always request an actual human to help you out. 

Anata no taizai o tanoshinde, kyōryū ni esa o ataete wa ikemasen! (Enjoy your stay, don't feed the dinosaurs!'

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