Paraglider Wanted For Insulting Pedestrians: "He Is Evil"


According to Satchell's Facebook, he suffers from Tourette's Syndrome, which could be a contributing factor to the reported incidents. 

Original Story Below:

You wanted him, you got him.  Meet Paul Satchell:

Oh, what's that?  Never heard of Paul Satchell?  Nor did you ever want him?

Well my friends, that could all change when I reveal to you that Mr. Paul Satchell is indeed none other than THE BEXHILL BIRDMAN, of Sussex, UK!

Oh, uh...still nothin', huh.  In that case, let me fill in the holes.

Reports started surfacing a day ago about a paraglider who had been terrorizing the small-town beachside community of Sussex-on-Sea from above.  However, these were cases of emotional terrorism, not so much physical.  

Several eyewitnesses reported the Birdman flying just above their heads, all the while shouting indecencies.  

"His language [is] foul and obscene..." said Richard Porter, one of the victims.  "He is evil."

Another eyewitness, Samantha Small further described the horror:

“He flies really low, he’s a social nuisance.”

I dunno.  Can she be trusted?  I mean, a peak at the man's Facebook show clearly demonstrates he prefers to be high:

All "jokes" aside, Satchell has since stepped forward and contacted local law enforcement directly to dispute the accusations, and perhaps rightly so.  

He's claimed that all of the accusations are defamatory, and he hadn't had a chance to defend himself.

Read more over at The Independent.

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