How To Use Your Smartphone Without Ruining Your Health

Photo by on Unsplash

When you think about it, smartphones are a blessing and a curse. 

Yes, you have the entire world at your fingertips, but they can also create a whole host of lingering health problems. 

Fore example, spending a lot of time hunched over looking at the screen will mess up your posture...and the emitted blue light can damage your eyes.

Let's not forget what all that scrolling and swiping can do to your thumbs. 

Fortunately there are a few things we can do to prevent further injury. 

Sitting up straight, while holding the phone at eye level may look strange but it can help prevent "text neck." 

Also using the blue light blocking settings that are built into iPhones and Android devices can help prevent the whole "potential blindness" thing...

Or, if that is all too much work for you, do what Handel suggests and throw out your gadgets and become Amish...that'll work!

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