Hipsters Have Infiltrated The American Legion

Hold yer horses there, chief.  It's not what you think...honest!

When people think about hipsters, they usually think about young, eccentric 20-somethings creeping through the mean streets of Silverlake.  

They set trends just moments before they leave them for fear of being labeled.

They let the population at large know how to be "hep" in 2018.

They are returning from Afghanistan after offering up their lives in defense of the country.

Haha, wait - what?

Believe it or not, soldiers who left the homeland for a tour of duty abroad when they were 18 are back home.  They are the new generations of veterans, and they are looking for a place to kick off their boots and knock back a few.

Enter Post 43 of the American Legion, Hollywood style.  

With more than 14,000 across the nation, Post 43 is quickly becoming one of the coolest private clubs in Hollywood.

"Why," say you?

For starters, the building that houses it is literally historic.  In fact, you may have even passed right by it on Highland Blvd...nuzzled in the Hollywood Hills just below the Hollywood Bowl:

Starting to ring some bells?

The place would become synonymous with Post 43 was built about 90 years ago by World War I vets, and just 10 years after the Post's creation.  

She ranks as the longest continuously operating speakeasy in Hollywood, and later this year the 30,000 square foot manor will also be home to a state-of-the-art film and digital cinema theater.

For a place once frequented by names such as Cecil B. Demille, Charlton Heston and Mickey Rooney, this theater is a loooong time coming.

Check out their official website at hollywoodpost43.org, and if you're interested in contributing to their their brand new 500-seat theater, visit www.legiontheater.org.

Follow Post 43 on Twitter @HollywoodPost43

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