Car Chase Turns Into Naked Man Chase In East LA

Now that's how you start a weekend, right there!

LAPD officers got their shift started with a bang this morning when they had to pursue a stolen truck in East Los Angeles.

But, the car chase wasn't the fun part.  

The fun part began when the man ditched the truck on a street and took off running on foot.


Like nothing.

Luckily, for our eyes, the pursuit only lasted until about 6:20, when police were able to apprehend the man and take him into custody.

Now, does his nakedness deserve to be shamed?


Did the man deserve to be arrested?

Without a doubt.

But, the man also deserves some respect for his bravery, because the foot pursuit included him jumping a fence.  

In the nude.  

A jump like that certainly takes some ba***...

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