Judgmental Parents & Fortnite With The Dad Podcast

Today, we dive into two very different topics. 

Judgmental parents and Fortnite.

Actually, I guess Gary kinda becomes a judgmental parent when we talk about Fortnite...

Anyways, let's start from the top, one thing at a time.

PsyPost outlined a recent study that shows that people become more conservative and more judgmental once they become parents.

The idea that people become more conservative with age is not a new thing.

But, where does the judgment come from?

Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast gives us his insight:

"I am not surprised that parents are more socially conservative, but you would assume that they would be more accepting today. But, in actuality, this stems from, or could be the cause of, why parents are more protective of their kids than in the past. 

I think that a great unintended consequence of having kids is the laser focus they give you when you have to take care of someone else. I firmly believe that the success of my stand up career came from my son being born within my first year as a professional stand up."

And then there's Fortnite.

Even though Gary hates it, people are hiring Fortnite coaches and are getting scholarships to play the game on competitive teams.

Justin sees it a little bit differently.

"I like the idea of this becoming a business and kid’s who may not be athletic, in the traditional sense, having a way to pay for school. The problem I have is parents worrying about the games ability to effect their child’s social life." 

To hear more of Justin's take on the impact of technology and birth order, and other parenting topics, you can check out all of his stuff at The Dad Podcast

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