Giant Monitor Lizard Terrorizing Florida Town

There's always something weird coming out of Florida, and it's no different in the town of Davie because there's a monster trolling the neighborhood. 

At first glance, you might think it's an alligator.

It's not.

It's a giant monitor lizard!

Now, that's not much better because these kinds of lizards are known to be aggressive and they do have teeth, claws and really strong tails they can whack around to stun their prey.  They've also been known to eat small family pets...WHOLE!

Zach Liberman says the lizard, which he describes as 6 feet long and over 100 pounds, has showed up at their patio door several times, and he's NOT NICE.  Apparently, it's terrorizing his wife.

Lieberman told CBS Miami

“She started screaming and I’m thinking, ‘What’s going on?,” 

He took a look at the creature by the door and went around the house to shoo the large lizard away. But the reptile turned the tables on him.

“He followed me. He followed me from right here all the way out to the front of my house,“ Lieberman said of the lizard that wasn’t backing down.

Wildlife experts say lots of people get monitor lizards as pets, but once they become really big, they release them and that wreaks havoc in neighborhoods.

They've tried putting traps out for him with food to lure him in, but the big guy hasn't taken the bait yet. 

Until it's captured, the family is scared and keeping an eye out:

“My kids are scared, my wife’s scared, and I am scared because now I know what it’s actually capable of,” 

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