Finger Licking Lame

We all love fried chicken.

We all love Kentucky Fried Chicken.

But we think this is Kentucky Fried LAME.   

September 9th is the 128th birthday of KFC's founder, Colonel Harland Sanders.  So on that day, KFC is offering to give ONE lucky winner $11,000.  

Why $11,000?  

11 herbs and spices of course!   Which, according to Joe Ledington, (one of Col Sanders' nephews, who says he had a hand in mixing the original recipe with Sanders himself), are: salt, thyme, basil, oregano, celery salt, black pepper, dried mustard, paprika, garlic salt, ground ginger and white pepper.

Ok, back to the contest.

There is a catch with this contest.  

The lucky winner has to be the FIRST baby born on September 9th....who is named Harland.

You see, KFC is concerned because the name Harland has been on the decline for some time, and they want to fix that!  So if you REALLY want to saddle your kid with the name Harland, by all means try to win this....CLICK HERE for the official rules and info on how to enter.

But we still think this is Finger Licking LAME. 

In other KFC fun, they're doing an adult coloring contest!  Now, that's something we can get behind! 

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